May 03, 2006

Huge SF Festival and EuroConference in June

The 7th Atjaro (Gateway) Festival will be held in Budapest 9-11 June, 2006. This early summer festival pertains to literature, movies, television series and gaming. Movies and Hungarian fan films that haven’t been shown anywhere before will be presented to the visitors.

The Special Guest stars are actress MIRA FURLAN from Lost and Babylon 5 and actor ADRIAN PAUL from Highlander and Tracker. The organizers also invited one of the supporting actors from the Star Wars saga GERALD HOME and GARRICK HAGON who has played in Tim Burton’s Batman and in Mission Impossible.

The Atjaro (Gateway) Festival has invited some of the best authors from the European science fiction and fantasy scene. British writer and screenwriter IAN WATSON, Spanish writer and literary translator LUISA MARÍA GARCIA VELASCO, Italian author ROBERTO QUAGLIA and British author HARRY HARRISON, Grand Master of European Science Fiction, as well as editors from European literary and movie magazines.

Attendees will have the chance see the 90-minute Star Wars fan film The Dark Side: Part 2, and numerous movies that have not yet been shown in Hungarian theaters. The first prize winner of the Brussels Science Fiction Festival (BIFFF), the Hungarian short film, The 639th Doll by András György Dési and Gábor Móray will be shown.

The convention has officially received the EuroConference title at the European Science Fiction Society’s (ESFS) annual meeting in Kiev. There will be a special program section in English for SF professional persons (publishers, authors and editors) about European and Central-European SF literature and fandom.

The convention expects to entertain numerous fans and visitors from the neighboring countries as well, so a part of these programs will be enjoyable in English (by dubbing and subtitling) too.

The official website of the convention:


Anonymous said...

That's a good news! I hope I can visit Budapest in June!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love you blog articles.
A passionate fan for years so I started my own blog :-)