April 27, 2006

Nominations for Hungarian SF Award finished

On 20th April the nomination period ended for the Péter Zsoldos Award, which is the national award for the best novel and short story published in Hungary. The readers can nominate any science-fiction novel and short story published in printed form in Hungarian and more then five hundred copies from April 2005. The works are considered by a jury during the next couple of months and the winners will be awarded in August at the HungaroCon.

The Association representatives said they’re satisfied with the current nomination list, there’s a lot of short stories nominated comparing to the numbers of previous year. But the number of novels running for the award is still low, which means there’s not too many science-fiction novels published from Hungarian authors.

The Péter Zsoldos Award was founded by Avana Association in 1998. In 2005 the award was given to Sándor Szélesi (Before Darkness; novel) and István Nemere (Just One of Everything; short story).

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